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We capture live events and make compelling music videos

To stage an event, much hard work is dedicated by many people, so it’s only natural to want a wrap-up film to showcase the experience. These films can be used as a promotional tool for future events; to entice prospective sponsors, cement business partnerships or purely to increase future attendances.

Because events gather together like-minded folk, we recognise the opportunity to create a variety of films from a single occasion; like capturing different peoples’ views and opinions on specific subjects or providing individual case studies on the effectiveness of the event.

At Can-b Media we have vast experience in producing event videos which are not only fun to watch, but will convey vital insight into increasing revenue for events in the future. Oh, and did I mention we also do music videos?

Client: WM Records
Director: Rosie Powell
Cameraman/Editor: Joel Roberts
Producer: Francon (music)
Exec Producer: Iain Williams

Client: Amaveda Wellbeing
Director: Shirac Lewis
Producer: Joel Roberts
Cameraman: Shirac Lewis
Editor: Joel Roberts

Client: Bandar Films
Director/Producer: Jav Douglas
DOP: Joel Roberts
Editor: Joel Roberts

Client: Best Awards
Director/Producer: Joel Roberts
Cameraman/Editor: Joel Roberts
Assistant Producer: Jessica Cussack

Client: Surrey Cricket Club
Director/Editor: Joel Roberts
Cameraman: Joel Roberts
2nd Camera: Patrick Sloane
Assistant Producer: Patrick Sloane

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