Brighton Cameraman Hire

Cameraman? Camera operator? Videographer? Camera person? We’ll just stick with the traditional ‘Cameraman’. Yes, we do use female camera operators 🙂 It just doesn’t roll off the tongue like cameraman.

Regardless, our cameraman hire service offers premium operators for tv projects, film and video production. From news and commercials, to promos and events.

Our experienced filming crew have a super-sharp eye for detail and great knowledge across varying formats and platforms. We work closely with directors; create lasting partnerships with news reporters, or capture footage as sole camera operators; sending rushes – fast via FTP – to your editor.

Multi camera filming


Sony FS7
Sony FS5
Canon C300 mk2
Sony A7s mk2
Canon 5D mk3
Sony A7r Mk2
Sony RX100iv


Sony 28-135mm Zooms
Sony 18-105mm Zoom
Metabones Speedbooster Adaptor
Canon 18-35mm
Canon 100mm Macro
Canon 50mm Primes
Canon 70-200mm Telephotos

Can-b Media film and video shoot and production


Sennheiser G3 Radio Mics
Sennheiser ME66 Shotguns
Audio Technica AT2020 VO Mic
Bayer Dynamic DT250 Phones
Windjammer Softies
Boom poles, Roland XLR’s

Lights & Extras

Viltrox Bi-colour LED panels
KOOD light reflectors
DJi Ronin Stabilizer
PROAIM Teleprompter
Sound and visual monitors
In-house Chroma Green Screen

Words from clients

Client satisfaction is paramount to us. We’re proud of our reputation for delivering high-quality work to requirements, quickly and effectively.

Contact: complete the form, or drop us a line
      69-70 East Street, Brighton, East Sussex, UK. BN1 1HQ
    •  +44 (0)1273 806042

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