Video production scripts

Can-b Film is a video production company that composes precise and professional filmmaking scripts. Script writing, mood or storyboarding is paramount in film productions not only to outline your plan to the client, but also to keep all filming crew members informed.

Video Script

Here is a script (download below) with accompanying video – from preliminary mood-board to final product. Despite the fact we’d never visited Guyana before, meticulous research and preparation allowed this pre-production script to be drafted (one of seven for the project). This was key, not only to follow for shot lists, but also for planning logistics and scheduling.

TV commercial script

Scripts are even more important when producing a TV ad. It’s necessary to get them checked and signed-off before production to ensure all the legal requirements for broadcast are adhered to. Storyboarding is not always necessary as long as the script is detailed and clear. (Click download script below)

When drafting a script it’s important for the video director to share visualisations of each scene so everyone is clear on the set up; including camera angles, talent movement, on-screen text and use of audio. When producing a TV commercial for broadcast, it is a legal requirement to submit a detailed script to be signed-off, which is perfectly akin to what’s being created on screen.