Video Production Brighton

Can-b Film is a highly acclaimed video production company based in Brighton.

Established in 2010, we partner with creatives and consultants, working for brands and charities; delivering award-winning video production to Brighton, London and beyond.

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With twenty years industry experience – including seven in prime-time television production – Joel Roberts manages Can-b: ‘The essence of our films is to generate impact and emotion. We have an evolving approach to video, whilst maintaining our fundamental values – meticulous planning, flair in production and precision in post’.

Environmental video project

Since the COP26 climate conference in November 2021, a host of new mandates have been introduced affecting transport, energy and infrastructure. Companies are having to rethink and outline their plans for zero waste, sustainability and lower carbon solutions. Now, moving beyond COP27, our video production techniques convey the best way to illustrate these crucial measures.

Film ethos

We’re focused on exploring the possibilities of commercial video production and are passionate about pushing the boundaries of filmmaking to create truly unique video that’s laced with drama and emotion. From scripting and storyboarding , through director and cameraman hire, to editing and delivery. At Can-b Film we also view audio with huge importance in our video productions so always give sound recording and design special treatment. Taking huge pride in every film we output, we are here to deal with of any step in the video production process. In short, we’ll shape your film or video to STAND OUT in all sensory aspects.

We work with