Film & Video Production in Brighton

Can-b Media is the award-winning film and video production work, produced and directed by Joel Roberts. With over 15 years industry experience – including 7 in prime-time TV production – Joel founded the company in 2010. Partnering with agencies, creatives and brands, we deliver smart video production solutions in Brighton, London and beyond.

video production

Tv advert production

We make TV adverts
and promotional films
for brands and charities.

video production

Travel film production

We create travel films
to promote countries,
regions and resorts.

video production

social media campaigns

We produce social media
videos and campaigns
for news and businesses.

Can-b Video Production Showreel

We’re focused on exploring the possibilities of commercial video production and are passionate about pushing the boundaries of filmmaking to create truly unique video that’s laced with drama and emotion. From scripting, through director and cameraman hire, to editing and delivery; we’re here to take care of any step in the video production process.

In short, we’ll shape your film or video to STAND OUT in all sensory aspects.

Green video production
Brighton education video production
social media viral videos
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Video production event logo
Local films services
Video and filming production and commercial adverts
TV property show film

Praise from Clients

Client satisfaction is paramount. We’re proud of our reputation in delivering high-quality video production work to requirements, quickly and effectively.

Contact: complete the form, or give us a call.
    69-70 East Street, Brighton, East Sussex, UK. BN1 1HQ
  • +44 (0)1273 806042

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