Motion graphics

Motion graphics is necessary in most forms of online video production these days. It can add life and vigour to the film whilst being both visually entertaining, compelling and informative.


Animation is becoming more and more prevalent across all forms of video production. At Can-b we have various motion graphic artists to suit your project, producing bespoke characters, info graphics and layered designs for your video.

Graphic overlays

Motion graphics work great in purely animated videos but are highly compelling when working in unison with actual video footage. We can bring drone sequences to life with motion tracking or add labels to video clips, making their messages highly digestible, engaging and informative.

We are surrounded by animation and motion graphics in everyday life, from online video or tv commercials to digital billboards. Ooh (out-of-home) advertising is increasing year on year and in nearly all cases uses some form of motion graphics to quickly capture attention and convey the video message. Vertical video – meaning it’s viewed in portrait, not traditional landscape – is now widely used for ‘street’ video advertising. This was born from users watching video on phones in the natural upright position and is now regarded as more digestible, even on much larger screens. Motion graphics and animation play key role in the content for this genre of video production.