Commercial video production

Our work includes online and tv advert production, corporate video production and promotional film.

We have a proven track record of creating high-quality commercial video production from Brighton – specialising in business promotional films, from commercials to online corporate video. We work both in the public and private domains and with charity organisations whenever possible, producing ethical films to highlight eco-issues and promote sustainability projects.

Advert Production

Around twenty five years ago the shape of digital adverting changed forever – and with it, adverting video production.

No longer confined to television and cinema, advertising took off online; on websites then on to smartphones, social media video production and digital billboards or OOH (out of home) advertising spaces. All these platforms have different audiences so it’s crucial to mould video content accordingly. We have the experience and production knowhow to create eye-catching videos, fit for purpose and in line with the tight legal and technical specifications required for broadcast platforms.

Promotional Film

Short video productions are the best way to promote any business product or service.

We create exceptional video production campaigns for viewing on television, at events or watching online. We use a combination of animation, stock footage and originally shot footage to create the best suited video production for your company. We have the guile and understanding of how to make films stand-out and capture attention and ultimately make brands famous. Firstly, by attracting new customers and then, just as importantly, to keep them coming back.