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Choosing a Video Production Company

With the Film and Video Production market getting more cluttered year on year, how do you know what to look for when choosing a production company?

Videos Capture Attention

Attention grabbing video

With so much video traffic around these days, you have just seven seconds (apparently) to grasp your audiences’ attention. So how do you best achieve this?

Memorable Corporate Video Production

Corporate filming and video production

We hate the term ‘Corporate Video’. It conjures up visions of dull workers sitting in their bland offices with a terrible soundtrack. However, things are changing. Here’s how:

Telling an Effective Story with Video

Telling a story is important for a movie, a book and also brand video. How do you keep your audience captivated? Here are some great tips to enhance your storytelling…

Tips for Video Interviews

Video production interviews

No one REALLY likes the thought of sitting down, talking in front of a camera. Even the well trained get nervous. So how do you get the best from a video interview?

Essential Video Production for Business

Video for business THUMB

It seems some people are still to be convinced about the importance of video for business. Here’s a quick reminder of videos that are essential for your company.

The Importance of Sound & Audio

Audio sound design

Audio is an important factor that is still regularly underestimated, especially in lower budget films. Video is definitely NOT just about great images.

Video Production Lengths

Video duration production

Different forms of online social video require different durations.. but in today’s market you should be aiming to get you message across as quickly as possible.

Don’t Use your iPhone for Video Production

As iPhone technology has rapidly increased, so too has it’s video capabilities. But don’t be fooled. iPhones should not be used for professional video production. Find out why, here soon.

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