Video Production Scripts

Can-b Media is a film production company that composes beautiful video production scripts. Based in Brighton, East Sussex, UK, Can-b showcases the work of Joel Roberts who specialises in directing and editing travel films and TV adverts.

We were amongst the first video production companies to establish on the South Coast and while others have fallen – to be replaced by experimental, cost-effective startups – Can-b has lead the way in creating high-quality film production and motion pictures.

Video script

Here is a script with accompanying video – from preliminary mood-board to final product. Despite the fact we’d never visited Guyana before, meticulous research and preparation allowed this pre-production script to be drafted (one of seven for the project). This was key, not only to follow for shot lists, but also for planning logistics and scheduling.

TV commercial script

Scripts are even more important when producing a TV ad. It’s necessary to get them checked and signed-off  before production to ensure all the legal requirements for broadcast are adhered to. Storyboarding is not always necessary as long as the script is detailed and clear. (Click script to enlarge)

Words from clients

Client satisfaction is paramount to us. We’re proud of our reputation for delivering high-quality work to requirements, quickly and effectively.

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