Corporate sustainability – environmental video production (case study)

The brief

We were approached to produce an environmental film outlining this global construction suppliers’ pledges for sustainability. This came in reaction to measures implemented by COP26, the climate change conference in Glasgow, November 2021. Using a variety of sources – from location filming and pre-shot drone footage, to still image and stock video – we were tasked with creating a succinct, engaging and informative film from a list of pointers that were provided.

The approach

The first objective, as always, was to get the script and narrative in order. The initial draft was reading at over five minutes so needed to be refined, big-time. It was then a question of what to use as voice-over and what to highlight with text overlays. It was essential to spell out the key environmental pillars. The music was a key element, as is consistent with all our video productions. We eventually steered away from the upbeat style the client suggested, instead choosing to pull on the heartstrings. The pace of the piece was all-important, swaying between natural and synthetic images.

The crew

Camera Operator Tim Webster
Aerial Photography Adam Tidd
Editor Joel Roberts
Producer Emily Shaw
Production Manager Mary Maquire