Brand commercial – tv advert production (case study)

The brief

To create two commercials and a promotional film for the Aquadoodle, manufactured by Tomy – the toy brand. In the run up to Christmas, the client wanted to showcase their new range to boost festive sales.

The approach

We hired a community hall and invited ten parents from diverse backgrounds with their children, to come and play with the Aquadoodle’s – water based drawing mats. Coordinating the day was the hardest part, keeping the children happy and also directing them in order to get the necessary shots. We also had to regularly swap the mats out and they could only be reused once they were completely dry. A process we really didn’t allow time for.. Getting good video interviews was key to conveying the message of how easy and ‘mess-free’ the mats are to use.

The crew

Director/Producer Joel Roberts
Assistant Producer Jack Graham
Editor Joel Roberts
Cameraman Andrew Robinson
Sound recordist Richey Rynkowski
Production Manager Adam Bullock