Wildlife conservation – environmental film production (case study)

The brief

Caiman House is a non-profit organisation which is a research station for Black Caiman in the northern reaches of the Amazon Basin. We created this short film to highlight the exploits of the research teams who video capture, track and monitor the creatures’ habits and behaviours.

The approach

Conservation charity video production

Venturing out with the Black Caiman research team at nightfall was quite an experience. We thought we’d be lucky to ‘capture’ one Caiman but in a couple of hours the team had ‘lasso’d’ over twenty. The skill in which they used to drag them into shore and obtain their data was amazing – before releasing each one back into the night. The research centre funds various local institutions from the remote spot in Guyana and works closely with other Black Caiman conservation teams across South America.

The crew

Director/Producer Joel Roberts
DOP Tim Webster
Additional Cameras Tim McCartney
Editor Joel Roberts
Production Manager Alison Burgh