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How to film effectively with an iPhone Camera

In the current climate, with professional cameramen temporarily off-limits, it’s still important to get your message out there. So filming with an iPhone has become evermore important.

Here are some tips for getting the best video production with your iPhone:

1. Filming Background

Make the background appealing but not too distracting. Perhaps position a lamp and a nice plant. Distance between you and the background can give some nice depth and make you standout in the video frame. This will make the film look more engaging.

2. Lighting

Sit with a window in front of you for nice video lighting on your face, but avoid direct sunlight.

3. Video Audio

Ideally buy a clip on mic with adaptor. The sound will be infinitely better. Make sure the room is quiet and ideally carpeted to dampen the sound.

4. Camera Positioning

The camera on the back of an iPhone is over 3 time better that the ‘selfie’ one on the front. This will take more effort to set up but (ideally with help from a friend) will be well worth it.

5. iPhone Stabilisation

Ideally use a stand but otherwise prop the phone up with some cushions or books. Film in portrait or landscape but be consistent with each video you make.