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How to choose a Video Production Company

With the film and video production market getting more cluttered year on year, what do you look for when selecting the right company?

Here are my top 8 tips:

1. Look for transparency in the website

Who’s making the videos? Look up the employees. Linked-in provides a pretty fair indicator of history and skills. Behind the scenes videos and photos give credibility and assurance.

2. Award winning. Really?

There seem to be lots of ‘award winning‘ company’s around these days. This is a very vague term. What award, and for which film? Companies stating they are award winning, is by no means a good barometer of quality.

3. Check out their ‘worst’ work

When viewing a portfolio page, don’t just view the video examples at the top. These are the best ones they WANT you to watch. Scroll further down and check the videos at the bottom.

4. Request a detailed, clear quote

You want separate numbers for pre-production, production and post-production. Plus timeframes for each part of the process.

5. Gauge the attitude

How’s the attitude? Fast email response times conveying energy and enthusiasm in your project are pretty good indicators that the video production company is ‘on it’ and will get the job done efficiently and effectively.

6. Analising the quote

Does it convey professionalism and transparency. Requesting an upfront payment is fair enough but 25% is plenty. Generally, if a quote LOOKS the business the company normally MEANS business.

7. What about kit: Cameras, lenses?

What sort of cameras will they be using for their video production work and with which lenses. Google the equipment to see if it’s any good.

8. Meet up for a chat

What’s the persons role at the company? Are they punctual, personable and knowledgeable? First impressions go along way…