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Videos capture attention

It’s crucial to capture your audiences attention these days, and FAST; especially on social media video platforms where viewers can scroll past in a flash. Attention spans have rapidly decreased since the turn or the millennium due to multiple streams of media, born from the mobile phone revolution.

Here are 6 ways to capture attention:

1. Start With a Topical Question

Ask a topical question straight off the bat, or make a bold statement right at the start of the video.

2. Address a Film Problem

Perhaps address a problem – something the viewer can relate to or identify with.

3. Use Surprise Video

Throw in an element of surprise, or something unexpected that might shock or startle the viewer.

4. Choose Video Thumbnail

Choose the right thumbnail. Videos don’t always autoplay so consider a cover image carefully. Though don’t mislead the viewer with this. Make sure it’s relevant.

5. See Film Through Fresh Eyes

Think about what would draw YOU in. A good looking face, some humour, an unusual structure, a cute animal?

6. Don’t Cut the Top Shot

If you start with an engaging clip, don’t cut it too early. Leave it playing for 5 seconds at least to give the audience time to digest it. Slow motion has always captivated the viewer.