Brand update film – video production (case study)

The brief

We work closely with the biggest brands who advertise periodic updates on The Grocer website. One of these is Coca-Cola and their partners – Monster Energy and Costa Coffee, amongst others. We are tasked with creating engaging video production content that is shared widely by the industry magazine and Coca-Cola directly through their social and media channels to update partners, suppliers, shareholders and customers.

The approach

We liaise with the client in creating a concise and engaging script which is then transferred to a teleprompter. We then shoot on location at the headquarters finding favourable backdrops to frame the speakers. Coca-Cola then supplies us with b-roll and still images from new campaigns to enhance the videos. We then produce graphics and text captions to create a clearer narrative and select music to add impact to the films.

The crew

Producer/Director Joel Roberts
Camera Operator Tim Webster
Editor Emily Wilson
Motion Graphics Shona Charlton
Production Manager Emily Shaw