Charity awareness – social prescribing films (case study)

The brief

The National Academy for Social Prescribing (NASP) approached us to create awareness videos on this groundbreaking approach to health and wellbeing, which connects people, communities and organisations to form an alternative to medication. The video production needed to be informative, vibrant and intriguing.

The approach

Charity Promo film

We targeted a social prescribing event at Brighton Library with potentially numerous patients and prescribers in attendance. The idea was to create a presenter-led film production comprising interviews with experts and beneficiaries. This would outline the general concept of social prescribing and explore first-hand experiences of how it has benefitted people with varying medical conditions. We also produced various social video edits to steer audiences to the video from social media platforms.

The crew

Director/Camera Operator Joel Roberts
Producer Rosie Stephen
Editor Emily Wilson
Presenter Radha Modgil
Production Manager Emily Shaw