Product promotional advert – studio production (case study)

The brief

We were approached by a digital marketing company to produce an online advert for a health supplement from a large US medical and health company. The ad needed to target the correct demographic with high video production values in a vibrant and upbeat manner. Loosely based on an existing video commercial created for the Asian market, it was our job to revamp and re-produce the film to attract a UK audience.

The approach

The advert had to be shot under controlled conditions in our studio. The client was very particular about the split backdrop colours so we choose to shoot onto a blue screen. This way we could exactly manipulate the different shades in the edit. Next we needed on-screen actors of the correct demographic, fitness, age etc, to suit the target market – easier said than done! Once the voice-over script was signed off storyboarded the sequence to check everything was aligned with the clients expectations. The video production shoot was tricky and laborious, especially considering there was no audio necessary, and we shot one actress at a time – looking across and imagining the other was in place. Again, easier said than done! In the edit, music, voiceover and audio were key to deliver the correct vibrancy to the final piece. Fused with graphic overlays and complex particle animations, after many tweaks and amendments, we got there.

The crew

Director/Producer Joel Roberts
Camera Operator Sam Masters
Studio Assistant Lawrence Hughes
Animation/Graphics Simon Hill
Editor Joel Roberts
Production Manager Emily Shaw