Surgical training – medical film production (case study)

The brief

We are tasked with creating three promotional films to capture instructional training for heart surgery. Since the COVID pandemic medical students have fallen behind due to not being able to practice operations on ‘real’ patients in a Wetlab. The Dry-lab training method was devised by Edwards and we worked with Row-A to produce videos which showcased the new remote instructional video kit. We also created content as an overview as how medical training has been affected by Covid19.

The approach

We decided to film the training process ‘as live’ in one location in Brighton. The shoot took place in three separate rooms; one for a student, one for the instructors and a third to conduct the video interviews. We needed to capture the different processes of the training with other students dealing in and taking part remotely. It was also important to showcase the specialist instructional kit that’s sent out to the medical students. This included high-tech macro 4K cameras and the ‘Drylab’ materials to mock-up a real life operation. The instructors could then guide the trainees accurately through the process.

The crew

Director/Producer Joel Roberts
Graphic Design Andy Tomkinson
Camera Operator Adam Tidd
Editor Emily Wilson
Production Manager Anthony Bryan