Crowdfunding film – educational video production (case study)

The brief

Learned.Live is a new learning platform for adults. It showcases interactive video classes posted by vetted professionals who teach anything from magic tricks to management skills. We are hired to create a crowdfunding video to inject cash into the company and project it the platform forward. We also edited down a website video production.

The approach

Crowdfunding video production

Learned.Live came to us with just the idea of creating a crowdfunding video. We offered guidance on the structure and the necessary components. On our advise they went away and devised a video script which comprised the two most senior players in the business and a video testimonial. We then choose a location and arranged a shoot near Brighton with a camera operator with kit, a director, a teleprompter and some audio and lighting kit essentials. The key to this project was the fast turnaround – from concept to delivery in just nine days. At the time of typing they have raised just shy of £150,000 for the video platform.

The crew

Director/Producer Joel Roberts
Camera Operator Nick Sneath
Motion Graphics Andy Tomkinson
Editor Joel Roberts
Production Coordinator Emily Shaw