Sustainability tourism – promotional video production (case study)

The brief

Working for The Guyana Tourism Authority and partnering with Acorn Tourism Consultants we were tasked to produce a series of films to promote tourism in this majestic and beautifully diverse but largely overlooked and unrecognised country.

The approach

Award-winning destination marketing film

We spent a month filming in the country with a slimline crew, to a very tight schedule. With this very broad nature of this project we decided to break the delivery down into 6 film titles and build out the videos from there. This one was a punchy introduction to the country with a view to also be used as a TV advert. The voice over formed the backbone and the music and imagery gave the necessary impact. We also edited this down to a one minute TV commercial.

The crew

Director/Producer Joel Roberts
Editor Joel Roberts
DOP Tim Webster
Aerial Photography Tim McCartney
Prod Manager Alison Burgh