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Top tips for effective video interviews

No one REALLY likes the thought of sitting down, talking in front of a camera. Even the well trained and highly experienced get nervous. So when interviewing somebody the OVERRIDING FACTOR must to make them feel comfortable. Here are some other tips on how to get the most from an interview.

My top video production interview tips:

1. Be Warm and Friendly

Basic common sense really, but however YOU act will rub off on your subject. If you are happy, so they should be too. This will reflect in their on-screen demeanour.

2. Introduce Your Film Production Crew

Failing to introduce the video production crew to the interviewee is still a common mistake. They Are Not robots. Introductions will breed warmth and help EVERYONE relax.

3. Do Your Video Research

Of course you’ll have a list of questions ready, but researching your subject thoroughly will show that you care and, make them more open and responsive to the filming questions.

4. Listen and Make Interview Notes

Listen and be interested. Don’t just reel the questions off. If your subject is giving long expansive answers – they’ll probably say something that’s worth elaboration on or needs more clarity… make notes and ask follow-up questions.

6. Repeat the Same Question

Obviously, always ask open ended questions but If you’re not happy with the answer re-ask in a slightly different way to get a different tone. Remember, they are the ones in front of camera and it’s your job to extract the best from them and make them look good.

7. Let Them End the Video.

At the end of the interview, ask something like – ‘Anything you want to add?’ Or ‘Do you want to go over again?’

8. a Little Filming Trick

If the interviewee is really nervous, make them think you’re NOT recording. Tell them you’re going to have a dry run… Or keep recording at the end and go back over a couple of questions. Watch the shoulders loosen and relax.