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How to feel at ease on camera

Hardly anyone likes the sound of their own voice filmed, recorded and played back. Many also frown at the way they appear on camera.

We’re all used to seeing a reverse image of ourselves in the mirror and equally, hearing our own voice externally on film – without it reverberating round our skulls – makes it sound annoyingly different. So just relax, it sounds natural to everyone else. Here are some more tips when on camera:

1. Body language when filming

Keep your body language open and animated – don’t cross your arms. Holding something like a pen whilst filming, can make you feel more at ease. Don’t sit straight on to the camera. Turn your body at 45 degrees from the camera and then swivel your head to look down the lens.

2. Get ‘video’ comfortable

Wear something soft and breathable. Ensure you’re the right temperature and not hungry. Also have a glass of water to hand. Take some deep breaths before commencing filming.

3. Practice your script delivery

If using a script in the video, read through it many times beforehand, even if from a teleprompter. If being interviewed, try to get the questions in advance and rehearse your answers. 

4. Loosen up – literally

Standing up, shake you body and arms around or sing a line of your favourite song out loud to make sure your throat is clear and your voice is primed for recording.

5. Smile on camera and be happy

Smile and take 3 deep breaths before starting. Look straight down the lens for 5 seconds before starting.. remember, just relax.. the camera is your friend and is here to help.