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Telling an effective story with video

Telling a story is important for a movie, a book and also a brand video production. Storytelling is the main factor that separates the memorable content from the easily forgotten. Good stories draw us in and create lasting impressions.

My top 5 tips for storytelling in video productions:

1. Boost the video emotion

Using emotion to engage the viewer is very important. The emotions can be Joy, sadness, anticipation or surprise. One way to do this is to create a developing story. First introduce an everyday, relatable situation… then, throw in some jeopardy or conflict.. and wrap it up with a resolution.

2. Flip the film script

The main purpose of the video is to sell your company products or services. So perhaps angle the video from the perspective of your customer. Talk from their view. What problem do they have, which you are ultimately going to fix

3. Relax the video’s tone

You don’t want to come across too stuffy. Remember you’re trying to connect with your audience. Use simple, appealing language and make sure the video production comes across in a natural and informal manner.

4. Think hard about audio

How can the sound enhance you story? Audio can be sparse and deliberate or frenzied, and in-your-face. Choice of music is also crucial and can completely change the mood. Beyond this, if you need a voiceover, use words very sparingly. Think carefully about the overall sound design.

5. Visual colour and video production effects

Visual content is obviously very important. Think back to emotion.. Bright and colourful images generally portray happiness and contentment where’s desaturated colour with bleak backgrounds can convey sadness. Always consider the story development and how imagery, coupled with sound, can transform this and move the story forward.