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Crowdfunding videos are still a thing

Need funding for your project? A viable option is still crowdfunding. Crowdfunding video production needs to be super-personal, slick and succinct.

Crowdfunding has been raising funds for a wide range of projects, from creative endeavors to entrepreneurial ventures since popular sites like Kickstarter began in 2009. A Crowdfunding video is similar to a promotional video in it’s aims; to clearly explain what you’re selling and to gain financial help from those who believe in it’s eventual success. They also often promise some kind of reward for those who help the campaign.

Experts predict that by 2023, there will be 12,063,870 crowdfunding campaigns worldwide. (1) Clearly, not all campaigns can be as successful as Exploding Kittens, Fidget Cubes or an innovative new solar panel roadways, but we have gathered our best tips for making a great crowdfunding video which can boost your campaign and generate cash.

1. Make the video personal

Introduce yourself and the team behind the idea in the first few seconds of the production – especially if you’re the company founder. Viewers want to know who’s behind a project in order to get a sense of trust. A video talking head explaining how the idea came about and why you’re so passionate about making it a reality can capture viewers’ attention as well as their hearts. Allowing your audience to glimpse behind the scenes makes it feel personal and makes them much more encouraged to want to help the business.

2. Video storytelling structure 

There’s a story behind every project, each with a unique starting point. If you study most crowdfunding videos that eventually reach their goals, you’ll find that they have a structure that’s divided into different sections. This helps clarify the message, as well as a form of story running through the whole video. The nature of storytelling is very convenient for people – it’s how audiences digest information better. Marketers are taking a different approach and selling less directly than they used to. Now, video stories help us make the product more attractive to the audience. 

3. Help from a video production company

First impressions count. A campaign is much harder to get behind when the crowdfunding is poorly executed. A successful crowdfunding video is engaging and high-quality. Even an astounding idea which is badly marketed could eventually find its audience, but a well thought out crowdfunded video campaign gives a serious advantage. Hiring a professional video production company to produce your crowdfunding video will massively increase your chances of raising the desired capital to kickstart the business. It matters in getting your message across effectively so you can focus on alternative strategies for the business.

4. Focus on the product or service

Crowdfunding videos are designed to attract, engage and inspire people to get involved with your campaign. Talking head interviews convey trust in the owners and showcasing your product of service, focussing on the benefits, should be an integral part of your video production. 

5. Make the video unique

Elaborate publicity stunts or unusual ads might draw bigger audiences initially, but trying to imitate other successful crowdfunding videos won’t guarantee attracting viewers that will want to help your idea financially. Backers want to invest in likeable, trustworthy personalities with innovative ideas. With a creative video campaign, unique to your product, you are in the best place to gain support. 

6. Inspire People

Calling people to action and persuading them to part with their money is tricky, you need to inspire. Your overriding message should repeated throughout the video, to leave viewers with an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve and why they should get involved. Stories about overcoming adversity always capture people’s hearts and attention. Be open and honest about your passion for the idea; this will inspire you video audience to help.

7. Highlight the rewards

Most crowdfunding campaigns offer rewards to those who support the project from the start. For example, the promise of the final product for free if the company achieves their goal. This is really attractive for audiences and is often a deciding factor if they get involved. Clearly explaining the rewards in the video production should be one of the main aspects of your crowdfunding campaign.

8. Be yourself

Ultimately, your audience are investing in you. As much as the video viewer might likes your product or service, if they don’t like you, you’re finished. You should practice in front of video camera before delivering the final messages to ensure you come across sincerely and in an upbeat, likeable manner.