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Successful travel videos

Success in this domain is primarily dependent on intrinsic planning and highly streamlined logistics. As travel possibilities slowly open up coming out of covid, here are the key pointers for how to prepare for a travel video production project:

1. Travel video research

Besides sourcing loads of books and online guides, extract as much information as viably possible from national and local tourist boards and I’d recommend finding a travel consultancy to provide video guidance.

2. Production boots on the ground

Finding a local production fixer could be tough in an emerging destination. But remember, a decent one could prove integral to the process from film development through production. Find a local video production company to work with or advise on this. Local crews obviously have important local knowledge.

3. Draft mood or storyboards

Establish your target market and then gear the script towards them. Think carefully about images and narrative. A killer VO video production script could really help to guide form the backbone of the films. As with any form of video production, scripting and storyboarding can offer a clear template to follow, for clients and crew alike. But be agile and ready to adapt the story if conditions and circumstances change once on filming location.

4. Think filming logistics

Logistics are everything when planning a travel film production. You will be working to tight deadlines and probably equally tight budgets – and these two factors are likely to clash when considering logistics. Throw-in having to having to keep the crew happy in order to maintain high-production values, and you’ll see why planning travel and accommodation meticulously for your video production is so important.

5. Choosing your film crew

Your crew should be as slim as possible, to minimise logistical and accommodation costs. Multi-skilled crews are best so if you have an amazing drone operator who can also take superb still images then all the better. The crew must also be hardened to tough environments, non too precious, content to rough it at times and be highly reliable. As well as obviously being talented.