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Why is blogging important

So I was chatting to my girlfriend in bed this morning trying to figure out the subject of a new video production blog. She questioned why the need to write blogs at all? How does it actually benefit a business and is devising video blogs time well spent?

So here goes, the blog on why you need to blog:

1. Blogs drive traffic to your website 

First of all, blogs are great for boosting SEO. A website with no blog sits with the same old content for months on end and it gets stagnate. Blogs inject new content that Google’s algorithm is extremely fond of. Put simply, if you maintain an active blog – especially video blog – you are much more likely to rise to the top of search engine results.

2. Boost organic visitors

Blogs are best for attracting people who search organically. You’ll attract more variety of visitors, which in turn can widen your market, especially if the video content is good. The audience will be interested in what you have to say, and the content will be a great way of forging a relationship.

3. Great source of video information 

Blogs are great for providing a wealth of information to consumers. They can also be helpful in creating a sense of community in video production circles.

4. Vlogs establish authority

Vlogs are extremely beneficial in validating a company to its customers. They establish trust in the company’s ethos and knowhow and ultimately create relationships that can turn video viewers into paying consumers.

5. Reach to multiple platforms

Essentially, blogs are a form of online marketing. They offer free advise on a seemingly limitless amount of subjects, directly or non directly linked to your business. This information, in turn can be shared across numerous platforms, especially when using video production. Widening the net for potential customers.