Environmental pledge film – sustainability video production (case study)

The brief

Greater Brighton is an area which stretches across Sussex from Littlehampton to Newhaven and up to Crawley. But how will the area develop from an environmental perspective over the next decade? We were tasked to make a promotional film to capture and illustrate this. On the clients’ request this film promotion was over eight minutes in duration (far too long in our opinion), so this is a video extract.

The approach

Future video production vision

The Greater Brighton board gave us a list of ten pledges which were their vision for how the area will evolve. We set about deciding on how to bring each pledge to life with a mixture of camera filming and motion graphics. But how would this knit together in an effective video narrative? With the client, we determined using a seagull (drone) to fly over the area which would link the pledge sections together, in an engaging and cinematic fashion.

The crew

Director/Producer Joel Roberts
Editor Joel Roberts
Camera Tim Webster
Aerial Photography Tim Webster
Assistant Producer Tim Ridgway
Production Manager Mike Gilson