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Internal video production communications

The written word is one of the oldest forms of communication. Frankly the business world has moved on. Written contacts are rapidly being eradicated by video.

Here are four internal communications for which video should definitely be used:

1. Training Videos

We’ve all been there – starting a new job and being inundated with PDF’s and handouts to walk you through new practices and systems. These are boring, so easily forgotten and seldom revisited. However, fun ‘How to’ videos are a great tool, come in different forms and can be highly engaging. Furthermore they are easily bookmarked so employees can refresh their knowledge quickly.

2. Health and Safety Films

Create a series of health and safety videos focusing the varying dangers at work, especially you’ve an engineering or mechanical division. These can be produced in an emotive, engaging manner that will demand attention and could prove vital is preventing serious injury.

3. Partner video communications

Emailing around confidential material is always risky. Simply forwarding sensitive data to the wrong person can be hugely damaging. With a securely hosted video platform you can control who’s able to access and view the information.

4. CEO video Messages

Any important message conveyed by email can easily be drowned out by others or buried in our inbox without trace. Communications from the top are easily ignored but could be extremely important. A video message straight to camera from the CEO is more personable and will convey any message effectively.