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5 reasons why you shouldn’t use your iPhone for video production

As the technology of phones rapidly increases year on year, people are commonly turning to them for professional video production purposes. Here’s why they should be avoided:

iPhone Video Production:

1. Poor Audio Recording

As covered in other video blogs, I believe audio carries equal importance to the pictures in film and video production. Unless you record sound separately to an external sound device, a phone’s microphone is simply not good enough.

2. Camera Stabilisation

For static interviews, you can fix or lock-off the phone on the video subject. For any movement you’ll need a gimbal to provide stability. A phone is frankly too small and unergonomic be worthy of professional hand-held filming and video production.

3. Limited Dynamic Range

Despite being capable of 4K filming, phones have very small camera sensors. This means they have very limited dynamic range. So if you want to tweak anything in the edit – like the colour grade – it will massively reduce the image quality, hindering the impact of the video.

4. Battery and Video Storage

Recording video on your phone will drain your battery super-quick, plus 4K shooting will eat up the memory fast. Also, phones are not really designed to capture video for long periods so can be liable to overheating – causing frame drop-out or complete failure.