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Video production in building construction

Video is a great tool to aid your building construction project and comes in various guises to suit internal or external audiences. With help of a professional production company, you can create a video or film for your every requirement.

Building and construction companies can benefit massively from utilising marketing and tutorial videos, adding transparency to the business and gaining trust in their services. 85% of construction companies use video production in some form; both in-house and as a chief form of marketing.

Health and safety videos

As building sites have gotten more complex, bustling and dangerous places with time pressures at a premium, health and safety videos are increasingly important. Gone are the days when your new induction group use a health and safety video as an excuse to nap for ten minutes, There trick now is to keep your audience engaged through drama, wow factor or touches of humour. If the H&S video can save just one serious accident, it’s done it’s job.

Tutorial or explainer videos

Tutorial videos can outline anything from on-site procedures for new employees to how to operate pieces of machinery correctly and safely. They can save masses of time by freeing up someone who would otherwise have to demonstrate the operation (and also perhaps pass on bad habits). Once a tutorial video is created it can be used time and time again for first time students or as a reminder to keep workers fresh. Explainer videos can highlight different processes using graphics to make them easy to follow and understand.


Large building projects can take months or even years to complete. Special cameras can be placed on site to capture the process; recording just a snippet every day which can be laced together to show the process speeded up. They can also hone in on capturing smaller parts of the process, like building a wall which can double up as tutorial video. If set-up correctly, these videos are highly engaging and can be used both externally or internally to showcase construction progress.

Sustainability films

These days, with such huge focus on climate change and the environment, sustainability videos are massively important to highlight to clients, contractors and investors that your company are making strides to become zero waste or generally work in a ‘greener’ more resourceful manner. These films are crucial to securing long term building projects where environmental concerns are towards the top of the check lists.

Drone video production

Aerial photography can give an amazing alternative perspective to a construction site. Drone filming can be used intermittently as a progress indicator or more practically to assess complications or risk attached to various stages of the building process.