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Live streaming; why it’s all the rage

Video being sent over the internet live, in real time, without first being recorded and stored… in a nutshell, this is live-streaming. All you need to live stream is a video capturing device, an internet connection and a video platform. This makes it extremely accessible.

TV production broadcasts, video games, music gigs and social media video can all be live-streamed. YouTube is historically the most successful streaming platform with Facebook Live almost starting to surpass it. Marketers have found success on other popular apps like Twitter and Instagram. Twitter’s live streaming tool began with Meerkat before introducing their own version, in the guise or Periscope. 

With many of these platforms, a notification will invite followers to share the experience with you and others, with live interaction. The popularity of this type of video medium is soaring by the day and taking the internet by storm. Some remain confused as to why it’s so popular; here we outline just some of its uses.

Video production moments

Many live streamers love the sense of being ‘in the moment’ and interacting closely with others, from friends and family to huge global audiences . There are endless opportunities during a live, unscripted video broadcast. A plethora of unplanned situations such as Q&A’s, discussions and the showcasing of talent could be included; this spontaneity keeps the medium of live streaming fresh and exciting. 

Video streaming for business

Live streaming provides opportunity, not only spontaneous moments but more structured events which can aid the growth of businesses. Live events, conferences and video interviews are just some examples of professional events which could reach potential and existing customers. Of course, previously, if these events contained especially important information they would be recorded and uploaded later. However, live video streaming provides the opportunity for viewers to comment and ask questions which can be answered in real-time.

Real-time video connection

Brands should understand the importance of this kind of frequent interaction with their target audience. Feedback that occurs on live streaming facilitates an instant connection between business and customer which builds engagement and heightens trust. As well as this, some audiences love the sense of unpredictability, with up to 80% preferring to watch live videos than reading a blog. This is not to forego the power of planned professional video production content that resonates extremely well with audiences and should be an integral part of your brand’s marketing strategy.

Live streaming’s reach

There are many other key benefits of using live streaming in business. The wide reach of live streaming means, if your event is public, it could reach new global audiences who stumble across it whilst scrolling through their social media, especially if you stream across multiple platforms. Live broadcast also allows opportunities for brands to immediately deliver their best quality and most current  video messages to existing and potential customers. For instance, if a new event or a product has launched, you can quickly and easily stream a live video to share details whether it be a scripted advert made by a professional video production company or a host explaining the product. Brands can also promote new products or services with live broadcasts and additionally provide links – to increase awareness and ultimately boost sales. 

Businesses should include live video streaming in their marketing strategies as it’s highly engaging, efficient in developing brands and can assist in growing communities.