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Video production lengths

Different forms of online video production require different durations, but in today’s market you should be aiming to get you message across quickly. If you have loads of great footage, rather than trying to bundle it into one film, make a short video series. Bite-sized films will keep the viewer more engaged.

Social Media Video Production lengths:

1. Embed don’t stream videos

Each social channel has a different maximum video length, but all platforms prefer videos to be embedded rather than streamed from Youtube for example. Directly uploaded videos will be prioritised on social feeds, so their exposure and performance will increase.

2. Facebook videos

Videos of up to 45 minutes can be uploaded to Facebook but the platform itself recommends videos of just 15 seconds.

3. Twitter Video Production

Twitter is a more fast-paced than Facebook so videos should reflect this. The maximum duration is 2 minutes 20 but GIFs are still popular and can make good 4 or 5 second teasers. If video production is of high standard.

4. Instagram Films

60 seconds is the limit on Instagram but videos of between 20-30 seconds perform the best, according the platform itself.

5. Linked In Videos

Linked-in recommend videos should be kept to around 1 minute although the unofficial cut-off is 10 minutes.

6. Users Video behaviour

85% of social videos are now played without sound so some form of accompanying text is a must.
Also, videos edited square are more effective and aesthetically pleasing on phones – where over 80% of users spend their time.