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Covid19 video production exit

Despite the government’s recent outline of steps to move out of this Covid19 lockdown, we will continue to take strict precautions for the foreseeable future, especially when filming on location – here’s a reminder of our video production policies:

Firstly, the law that states anyone who CANNOT work from home should continue to travel to their workplace. This applies to TV, Film and Video Production – including recce’s. Filming can also continue to happen in the premises of businesses that are temporarily closed to employees or the general public.

Here are our precautions for video production on location:

1. Sanitising filming equipment

We make sure all the equipment we take on a shoot is throughly wiped down before is is packed away to be driven to the video production location. No video equipment will be hired in unless absolutely essential.

2. Limiting film crew

We only work with skeleton crews. So there is generally no room for runners or assistants. Only essential crew will be on location, which will mean increased work and heavy lifting for those involved, but it’s all the name of safely and the quality of service will never be compromised.

3. Production PPE

All crew will carry two fully clean or unused surgical masks when on video shoots, which will be worn at all times. Hand sanitiser will be carried by each member and used frequently on film location.

4. Video production logistics

Crew will travel independently where possible whilst adhering to all the government advise on safety. If overnights are essential we will ensure that filming accommodation is appropriately prepared and sanitised.

Filming on Location

For audio, boom mics and stands will continue to be used as opposed to clip-on/lapel mics. This will avoid any crew contact with filming subjects or contributors. And everyone involved in location filming will act responsibly and with utmost consideration for others.