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Why testimonial videos are crucial

Positive online online reviews are extremely important for your business. Potential customers trust peers over brands and satisfied customers are the most powerful marketing resource available to your company. So why VIDEO testimonials?

Camera shoot for testimonial videos

1. Customer opinions are critical on video

Testimonial videos make your satisfied customers the temporary face of your brand…they can have a significant impact on brand awareness, film engagement, and ultimately, sales. Your CEO describing why he or she loves your product may be the most accurate portrayal of your brand, but it lacks credibility. Customers on video are highly trustworthy.

2. Why video and not just a written review?

A customer talking up your brand on camera is much more transparent than a written review. It also also conveys tone and expression which emphasises trust and boosts honesty.

3. Testimonial video productions are easily circulated

A great testimonial video can be shared and circulated very effectively. Posting the video on YouTube with the correct hashtags and also obviously embedding strategically on the company website increases engagement. 

4. Choosing who will feature in the video(s)

Vary the types of people you use on the video – differing genders, ethnicities, ages, classes etc.. Customers will generally prefer videos from ‘people like them’, so try to vary the people much as possible. Around 5 or 6 contributors for the video is ideal. This can also be edited down in a variety of ways. Make it easy for them… Either go to their home or work with a camera or get them to film it themselves on a phone.

5. What to include in the testimonial videos. 

Ask the same questions to each person – you can then edit to make a combined video of each reply. They may not answer all the questions equally well but you could use the best contributors in isolation.