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Memorable corporate video production

A lot of corporate films are bland, boring and uninspiring. People are exploring new ways to capture attention with a different approach to company video production.

Here are some video tips:

1. Drive the Emotion

Using mixed emotion in video engages your audience in and help them connect with the story – in turn making the film more memorable. This will help potential customers identify with the video and be more attracted to your brand.

2. Tell a Celebratory Story

Focus on a ‘rags-to-riches’ story of one of your employees.. or perhaps your company has been integral to another companies success. Videos like this make compelling film production.

3. Nail the Audio

Music influences the way we interpret the images so make sure the audio matches the emotion you’re trying to create. Use music that is powerful, compelling and awe-inspiring for your video production.

4. Element of surprise?

Throwing in an element of surprise can grip the viewer and ensure the video is memorable… Have an unexpected voiceover tone, use varied music changes or show behind-the-scenes filming. This breeds trust in the video production and therefore trust in your brand.